Sunday, July 27, 2008


For most , going to church on Sunday is like putting on a "suit" - looking to please God with our effort and hoping God will help us and let us in His Kingdom and we make our weekly vows of trying to be a better person --

Of course , the "born-again" Christian knows the difference , knows that it has nothing to do with our "effort" that we are sinners even in our "best suit".

Counterfeit Christianity is one of "works" , "liturgy" all good except it dosen't save -- ( and many liberal christians don't believe in the devil , satan, lucifer - and they also don't believe in the bible as the Inspired Word of God -- many think that a "little" religion is good but not too much.) ---- the devil , is not "afraid" of this type of christianity -- for their is no preaching of sin and the need for The Shed Blood of Christ to be applied by "faith" to a penitent sinner seeking personal forgiveness and not relying on his or her goodness or works to influence God to save them.

Biblical, Salvation is taught in most evangelical churches and will always CENTER around these truths --
Man is lost without hope and no amount of good works on his part can save him --
Looking to God and trusting Christ's Atonement for our sins as the ONLY way of salvation
God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as portrayed thru Holy Writ -
Christ is the Word -- The Word made Flesh - Incarnate Birth , born of a virgin --

Now evangelical churches have different styles of worship and some favor certain doctrines not essential to the above mentioned truths --

Also , there are "many" born-again believers in non-evangelical churches for "whosoever" believeth on ME shall be saved -------- many not even in churches , they may be in jungles, or prisons or anywhere --- God the Holy Spirit roams thru-out the earth "looking" for that lost sheep ---

Be sure of this -- If U will live godly and live for the Lord Jesus, looking to witness for HIM, to be a praying Christian, U will suffer (go thru) tribulation of some type , in some fashion , whether it will be in your own home or at work -- in your own personal struggles with the flesh -- or the "spirit" of lukewarmness --

Let us draw nigh to this Jesus -- let our prayer be " Jesus keep me near the cross - there a precious Fountain "

Let us "shake" heaven and hell -- for this God , our God has entrusted this message to us , He promised never to leave us , we are not alone -- angels surround us, The Blood covers us, The Spirit enables us -------- demons with bulging eyes fear us, the devil hates us --

Blessings on All U Christian pilgrims --



Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
This post sounds just like the gospel messages that we listen to Sunday after Sunday night,
It is SO clear and yet people refuse to accept it. The building should be overflowing at the doors for such good news as this but alas the numbers are small. They would rather be at a sport game or show or even just staying home relaxing!
Whereas the gospel!!..Good news for this corrupt world of sin! Good news for sinners old and young!

You are right about going to church with a put on suit, hoping it will please God. God who looks on the inside and not the out!
I am ashamed to say that sometimes it almost becomes like a habit[going to church] and that I don't really appreciate it like I should. I was telling Bernie just yesterday..."Wow! We are there for just a few hours a week". A few hours a week there, but should't it be a 24 hour seven day a week Passing-thru, living for the Lord like we SHOULD be. How short I fall of this!

As usual, just an awesome post. I wasn't here in a couple of my shame!! Look what I was missing!
Love Terry

passing-thru said...

We all come short of appreciating the blessings of God and the blessings of singing and fellowshipping and preaching in the church body --
It was tough in paul's day as well -- hence the admonition to the saints to continue to "meet" together ---
We are going to make it Terry -- thanks to GOD

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.Your blog seems to be working OK. It was last night too.
It was a real adventure to get all of that posting done last night.
I had to keep going around corners but I am glad it all worked out.
When you said you were thinking about the Light House, I tried "You Tube" to no avail. It just wouldn't play after I posted it but when I googled "The light House Lyrics and Music", the post for Pals came out of it!
I think that it is rather nice!
Tomorrow is Cole's 13th birthday so I hope the blogs aren't acting up tonight!
Pilgrim Pals seems to be working now..I wonder what the matter was anyway?
Well have a great Terry

Saija said...

blessing on your sunday!

~Robin said...

wow, there's like the seeds of several different sermons all rolled into one post there!
preach it!