Saturday, July 26, 2008


The Peace that passes "understanding" shall KEEP your heart and mind -

Yes , I know that peace that "tells" me I am saved - I am God's child
But what about that other peace -------

When cupboards may be empty and U've prayed and trusted and U rise from your knees "KNOWING" God has heard U ------ that peace
When U have prayed and committed a loved one to the Lord for them to be saved - U rise "KNOWING" God has heard U ---- that peace
When finances are stretched and U "looked" to GOD and even though the funds are low - U rise "KNOWING" God has heard U ------ that peace

Think not that this "peace" is for the "other" person ---------- for has not the Lord promised this for us ---------

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things and more shall be done unto U"
So - now we have a "choice"
We either say , yes I have prayed but "things" seemed no different or
We say, I prayed , took God at His Word, I rose and "trusted" and looked for the answer -

I choose and chose the latter and can tell U that God has never failed to do what we needed in His time and in His Way ----------

If we are "anxious" beyond reasonable limits , if turmoil or confusion -- then stop , read His promises anew -- trust and look to Who promised these things for U --- REST IN HIM


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Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru. I have read this post before but reading it again made me think of the praying that you have been doing for Bernie's van. I did not want to be harping on it over at the Pals because there are so many worst things that the others are going through!
Well last Tuesday we thought that we would be getting the part that we needed to fix it but when we got to the store, it was the wrong part. Then we found out that nobody makes 1990 Safari parts anymore. Even the scrap yards don't have them. We thought that we were going to after all scrap the van. I told Bernie to ask the guys at work what they knew about it. A few of them gave Bernie some phone numbers to call. When he got home, he called all the numbers to no avail, but the last number he called, the guy gave Bernie a number to inquire about the problem and that guy said, "Bring the harness in and I will fix it and put the wiring in."
Well Passing-thru, we went there Friday and yesterday the guy called and said he had it done, so we are going today and get it. He is only charging Bernie $40, but Bernie is going to give him more.
I will let you know how we do!
Grampa Yade says it kind of bothers him when someone asked him to pray for something and that person never lets him know the results, so that is why I am telling you. You are such a faithful prayer partner for which I am very thankful...Love Terry