Thursday, August 7, 2008


Without vision - people perish - get discouraged, feel alone --
We need to see God - the God of the Bible -- the ONE that Isaiah said :
THE ONE Who is High and Lifted Up
THE ONE Who told Joshua, I AM the Captain of The Host of The Lord (Joshua 5:13-15)
THE ONE Who told Gideon to thin out his army to 300 so that the Glory would go to GOD
THE ONE Who sends his Angel to destroy pagan armies that oppose HIS people -
THE ONE Who lets Ezekiel see HIS cherubims - the majesty of what goes on 24/7 in HIS PRESENCE --
THE ONE Who sent HIS Angel to tell paul that his ship would go down but they will be saved.

OUR GOD is an AWESOME GOD -- we need to "see" with the eye of "faith" and take a stand , tell the devil what a liar he is and a loser to boot -- and Be Strong in THE LORD
We need to "see" GOD , our GOD , the GOD of the Bible as ALWAYS ALL SUFFICIENT in ALL THINGS , IN ALL WAYS and AT ALL TIMES

Blessings to All the pals --
remember to pray for all our friends and needs --


Vicki said...

This struck me as SO meaningful...unless we have "vision" we get discouraged, feel alone, etc. We need to SEE Him for who He is! So thankful His love and character is revealed in the Holy Scriptures...that we can know the Father through His Son, the ALL SUFFICIENT One.

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru....'THE ONE" really stood out in this post!
No matter how small or how large the needful, there was "THE ONE" that could handle the whole thing!
Love Terry