Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sun is Setting -- What is left behind --

Sun is setting on yet another day -
Driving up to our daughter's house, we passed a crumbling down old country cottage.
A home at one time to perhaps a family, a family that may be "long gone".
Ghostly footprints along the main walk, happy memories, sad memories , nothing remains now , nothing left behind --------

This is so true with "life" - The only thing left behind for the Washed in the Blood , Saved thru Faith in the Finished Work of Christ Christian are the "things" done in Christ's Name and for The Kingdom of God -

A "helping" hand in Christ's name, influencing a lost soul towards The Christ of Calvary -
Letting "someone" know , your praying for them as they struggle -

"We" all have been inspired by someone the Lord had "placed" along our path -

Continue my "friends", to be That Someone that God can use so there is something "left behind" to glorify God --
"Let your light so shine before men that they will "SEE GOD" --

remember to pray for Shelby, Colby and Taylor - Donna and family - Terry and Bernie and Betty and Mom Golden and the Van -- Lpp and Lmg and family -Claire's "R" - Felisol's Serina and Gunnar - remember just not lip sinc but to "believe" and plead for these people -- for David the pilgrim -- Amrita's body and church project - for Red head Robin and her desire to be used of God -- for Vicki to not worry for Shelby --
Bless these people Lord , we pray in Jesus Matchless Name ---



Amrita said...

Hi Bob,
Visiting yopur blog for the first time. You really have the gift of encouragement and ministering to the saints.

Sorry could not listen to your audio clip on your profile

~Robin said...

Yes, every time I go to visit my parents now I pass by where my grnadmothers house used to be. It was torn down a year ago. It is still so shocking to me to see that bare land where Gramas house-everything she scrimped and worked so hard for-all GONE.
Reminds me to live for eternal things, not things of this earth.
Good reminder in this post today-God bless!

Vicki said...

Hi Bob,

I didn't realize you had your very own blog until now. Please forgive me for not dropping by sooner. I so agree with Amrita - you have a special gift. You encourage and minister to the hearts of the saints! God bless you, my Pilgrim Pal and friend.

Catch you again later!

Terry said...

Dear Pausing-thru.
I am glad that people are discovering your blog. That way you will have to be doing some serious writing, eh?
I remember this post over at the Pals but the comments made by Robin here, got me to thinking about my Gramma Golden's little two bedroom house. She had thirteen of her own kids living there and an assortment of three or four grand children time and again.
My dad said that one of his spoiled sisters had a room all to herself and Gramma and Grampa had the other. Dad Golden told me that all of the others had to find a spot where ever they could to sleep!
Gramma Golden was saved when she was in her seventies! Hmmm.....A little too late to try and be a better mother but she did make up for it a little bit in her remaining years of life!
Take care Passing-thru and God bless you!..Love Terry

Terry said...

Sorry about that "Pausing-thru"!
I should of called you by your real name..."PASSING-thru", eh?...Ha!!

passing-thru said...


"WE" ALL HAVE THESE THOUGHTS , SOME PUT IT INTO WRITING LIKE ROBIN AND VICKI --- but ALL of us have and are being used by the Lord