Sunday, July 27, 2008


For most , going to church on Sunday is like putting on a "suit" - looking to please God with our effort and hoping God will help us and let us in His Kingdom and we make our weekly vows of trying to be a better person --

Of course , the "born-again" Christian knows the difference , knows that it has nothing to do with our "effort" that we are sinners even in our "best suit".

Counterfeit Christianity is one of "works" , "liturgy" all good except it dosen't save -- ( and many liberal christians don't believe in the devil , satan, lucifer - and they also don't believe in the bible as the Inspired Word of God -- many think that a "little" religion is good but not too much.) ---- the devil , is not "afraid" of this type of christianity -- for their is no preaching of sin and the need for The Shed Blood of Christ to be applied by "faith" to a penitent sinner seeking personal forgiveness and not relying on his or her goodness or works to influence God to save them.

Biblical, Salvation is taught in most evangelical churches and will always CENTER around these truths --
Man is lost without hope and no amount of good works on his part can save him --
Looking to God and trusting Christ's Atonement for our sins as the ONLY way of salvation
God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as portrayed thru Holy Writ -
Christ is the Word -- The Word made Flesh - Incarnate Birth , born of a virgin --

Now evangelical churches have different styles of worship and some favor certain doctrines not essential to the above mentioned truths --

Also , there are "many" born-again believers in non-evangelical churches for "whosoever" believeth on ME shall be saved -------- many not even in churches , they may be in jungles, or prisons or anywhere --- God the Holy Spirit roams thru-out the earth "looking" for that lost sheep ---

Be sure of this -- If U will live godly and live for the Lord Jesus, looking to witness for HIM, to be a praying Christian, U will suffer (go thru) tribulation of some type , in some fashion , whether it will be in your own home or at work -- in your own personal struggles with the flesh -- or the "spirit" of lukewarmness --

Let us draw nigh to this Jesus -- let our prayer be " Jesus keep me near the cross - there a precious Fountain "

Let us "shake" heaven and hell -- for this God , our God has entrusted this message to us , He promised never to leave us , we are not alone -- angels surround us, The Blood covers us, The Spirit enables us -------- demons with bulging eyes fear us, the devil hates us --

Blessings on All U Christian pilgrims --


Saturday, July 26, 2008


His "soft" voice
Have U heard it ? ---- He whispers in ways U can't describe , U can tell when He speaks for His words always line up with Holiness, His Kingdom , and His Word.

His voice always comes with peace -- prayer precedes His speaking , seeking God's glory insures we are "hearing aright" ------ and confirmation thru His Word , The Living Word and the Holy Spirit bears witness ---------
His voice sometimes prompts U to be extra kind to a certain person
His voice sometimes says to be "quiet" when standing around the coffee machine
His voice sometimes says "get up" and walk down the street

Years ago when pastoring, I had a long hard day and got home from visiting a saintly mother of Israel that was dying -- I arrive home around 11 pm. on a dark rainy saturday nite .
My wife said that a friend that I had led to the Lord 2 years earlier was on his way up with his wife as he was having a difficult time in his marriage (she was not a saved woman at the time). Well, this friend never was up in these mountains in NH and didn't know how to get where we lived , he asked my wife for the best way to our home but she couldn't help him and he said he was leaving and would try and find us --
Exhausted from a long day, eyes were bloodshot from drivng from the hospital, I went to bed at 11:30, at 11:45 The Lord stirred within me to pray for John, my wife said whats wrong as I stood at the parsonage door and looked out on a pouring rain -- I said it's about John and I prayed, my wife said come back to bed -- he will get in ok --
At 12 midnite the Lord "impressed" upon me to get up and drive down the road - I got up and my wife said what are U doing , I said " The Lord wants me to drive down the road "
In my car driving down Rt. 10 for about 7 miles in the dark with bloodshot eyes in the pouring rain I approached the intersection of Rt. 25 out of Plymouth N.H. -- and at the exact point of the intersection a car came out of the darkened road and it was my friend and his wife --
Our cars met in that intersection "guided" by The ONE WHO cares for our every need.
John and I opened our windows , he nodded and I did and he followed me back to the parsonage.
The next day John told me that he was so lost in those dark mountains , that he prayed at 11:45 for God to help him --- frantic by midnite, he prayed for God to send someone to guide him.

Their marriage survived and his wife later was wonderfully saved ( I didn't have anything to do with that ) ---

Too many people say "God told them" I don't buy into that , but I do know that God will direct His children, if we go slow, line everything up with the Word , and is in accordance with glory for His Kingdom ---

"thoughts of yesteryear"


The Peace that passes "understanding" shall KEEP your heart and mind -

Yes , I know that peace that "tells" me I am saved - I am God's child
But what about that other peace -------

When cupboards may be empty and U've prayed and trusted and U rise from your knees "KNOWING" God has heard U ------ that peace
When U have prayed and committed a loved one to the Lord for them to be saved - U rise "KNOWING" God has heard U ---- that peace
When finances are stretched and U "looked" to GOD and even though the funds are low - U rise "KNOWING" God has heard U ------ that peace

Think not that this "peace" is for the "other" person ---------- for has not the Lord promised this for us ---------

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things and more shall be done unto U"
So - now we have a "choice"
We either say , yes I have prayed but "things" seemed no different or
We say, I prayed , took God at His Word, I rose and "trusted" and looked for the answer -

I choose and chose the latter and can tell U that God has never failed to do what we needed in His time and in His Way ----------

If we are "anxious" beyond reasonable limits , if turmoil or confusion -- then stop , read His promises anew -- trust and look to Who promised these things for U --- REST IN HIM



Let us NOT be as the "natural" man who relys on his ability -- on his cunning -- on his influence --- on his friends --
Let us not be as the "natural" man who complains -- who gets angry -- who "hints" -- who "winks" with his eyes behind people --- who smirks -- who is "clever" -- who is always superficial ---
Let us not be as the "natural" man whose time and investment is in this world ---

Let us BE as the "spiritual" man who relys on God's Ability -- on His Omniscience -- on His influence --- "let us be called the friends of God
Let us be as the "spiritual" man who blesses and not curses -- who is slow to speak -- slow to anger --- who is genuine to those around him --- who is not "wise" in his own eyes -- who is deep , quiet and humble -----------
Let us be as the "spiritual" man whose time and investment is in the Kingdom of God -

"We " are Christians , bought by the precious blood of GOD --
"We " march to a different DRUMMER -- We fight on our KNEES --- Our strength is not in our might or power but ABIDING IN HIS SPIRIT ----
"We " win by being Christlike -- by loving , forgiving , blessing and giving "Cups of cold water IN HIS NAME ---------------"

"ON CHRIST THE SOLID ROCK " WE STAND -------- all other ground - ALL other ground is sinking sand ------

remember to pray for our needs -- U know them loved one's --
Blessings to the pals this saturday


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Heading to bed shortly -- tired
Just a line for the "pals"
I have been "blessed" since returning to this fellowship of believers - Vicki had a good post on the "church" and this group of friends that we call "pilgrim pals" is truly a church of 2 or 3 gathered in HIS NAME.
My heart is full -- full of love for the Terry's , the Donna's who so faithfully prayed for me, for the remembrance I had while "away" of Lil Pilgrim Pal as she was called "back then". I was and always have been "impressed" with their family , their missionary zeal for the lost , their memory verse cards -- I felt that the people that have been in pals since we first "met" on Terry's little porch with her little wooden well in the corner , well, ALL U people have been the "real deal" and I have been enriched by your lives.

I consider it a "privilege" to be able to pray for U all by name .
Believe God -- do not doubt ---

a "tired" passing-thru


Acts 20 is such a great picture.
Paul the apostle, calls the "church" at Ephesus and says it's time for him to "move" on --
We will "all " be moving on one day , so let us do all and be all that we can for our Lord.
Acts 20:32 ---" And now, brethren, I comment you to God, and to the Word of His Grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

What truths - What assurances -- What "solid " ground for us to stand on --
Our Christ is Limitless, Always Able , Always Present so let us "abide " in the Vine and He will bring forth fruit --
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand ------ ALL other ground is sinking sand


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Our God has placed thru out Holy Writ all that we need for our pilgrimage.

Rom. 15:4 - For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
Rom.15:13 - Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing , that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost.

HE , The Holy Spirit abides within us and thru HIS WORD we are infused with instruction resulting in LEARNING that THRU PATIENCE and COMFORT of the Scriptures we have HOPE for
The GOD of HOPE -- FILL U -- with ALL JOY -- and PEACE in believing and that U will ABOUND in HOPE thru the POWER of THE ABIDING HOLY SPIRIT -

God told Zechariah -- it is not by might or by power but by MY SPIRIT

So pilgrims , let us this day , turn to HIS WORD , and Trust HIM for all your needs , having joy knowing that HE is ABLE -- anything less such as complaining, doubt or relying on your ability will result in a "half filled " life and won't yield the "fruit" that God has planted U in the vineyard for.
Remember when U were "first" saved -- How U believed God and all the wonderful answers to prayer and the joy that was yours --- Let us go back to THAT first love .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


"Out of your belly shall flow rivers of LIVING WATER" --What a promise -- and we the "elect" have found this so and it should be a "continuous" river , for HE is EVER-PRESENT - EVER-ABIDING -- is HE not ?
To avail ourselves of this great promise , we need to abide , rest in the fact HE IS -- wanting to help, able to help .
RESTING in the VINE as a weak branch, confident of HIS GREAT STRENGTH, to BE - to DO, ALL that HE promised. It's in HIS WORD --
This was paul's great secret -- whether in jail being beaten or in a ship that was sinking . CHRIST , The Ever-Present in the Person of the Paraclete, THE GREAT HOLY SPIRIT --
Now is HE not also promised to us , yes , a thousand times yes --

In my home as I type, I have 5 of my grandchildren , ages 3 to 11 -- the 5 year old is singing a bible song as she is playing with a doll house -- the two older boys are watching animal planet on tv and they click off the commercials as soon as they come on , for in their upbringing their mother would not allow commercials to be seen . - They are a "happy" group of kids -- always smiling and giving huggs to grampa and grandma - they are homeschooled and are tender hearted towards the Lord.
They could be considered some of the results of that Living Water for we abound in joy for having seen how the Lord has blessed us ---------
Reminds me of another family --
LPP and LMG and family -- close knit, happy , thinking of others , raised by a mom and a dad that taught them the bible and showed them how to find JESUS -- waters of life flowed from such a mom and dad -------
So brethren, not only do we have Living Waters flowing always from within us because of the Holy Spirit's Presence but we have waters of joy coming from our lives because of what God has done in them.


Was reading some posts from Random Redheaded Ramblings where this woman went to Romania and seeing how a husband and wife team left the comforts of Northern Romainia to live among the poor in Southern Romainia , humbled me again.
This missionary wife with a young baby lives in such a "shanty" with such little "comforts" , when asked what she would like for the people back in USA to pray for , she says --

She did not hesitate at all over her prayer request, "pray against the spiritual war going on around us, sometimes I feel it."
Not for comfort. Not for things or finances. She says-"Pray for people to be open to hear and receive Gods Word. Pray for their protection. Pray for them to remain encouraged in the Lord to do His work."

"We" , me , I live for a "better" life , comforts and such , then I "read" of testimonies like this - this couple voluntarily gave up the "softer" life so people in a poorer region could be exposed to the LIVING GOSPEL --- sure, "we" all do our little parts here and there and "we" all can be missionaries like LPP and LMG in their local neighborhoods --- just reading this post has "humbled" me again -- -- I have been "humbled" by many of the "pals" as I seen their "service" to the Lord ---
Terry always witnessing and picking up children for sunday school
LPP and LMG passing out bible verses and setting up booths so they can witness
Donna going to encourage LPP and family
Felisol tenderly extending her love for the brethren
Vicki taking the time to "comment" so as to encourage us -- she has a "gentle" spirit
Saija with her pictures of flowers and soft wise words
Claire with her zeal for the lost around her
Jel always making an appearance to "quietly" say "huggs"
Lil M willing to go and do and be for the Lord
David ministering to "his" calling , despite battles of depression, always saying to the pilgrims to look up --

YES --- it's easy to be "humbled" by God's wonderful people

May I do more for HIM

Monday, July 21, 2008


As a young Christian with a wife and 4 young children, I was asked to "leave" my employment as a supervisor for my "witnessing".
With only 100 dollars to our entire wealth and all the "needs" such as rent, food , car payment , etc. , the Lord "impressed" upon me not to look for work -- but to "trust" HIM -- I thought, how can this be -- I had read of George Mueller's life of faith --- but how did I know for sure that HE wanted me to "risk" the wellbeing of my family .
I told my wife this was how I felt the Lord was leading -- she agreed to pray and trust with me.
The next morning I fasted, prayed and then set out to visit nursing homes and hold bible studies in homes of Christians --- I didn't tell anyone I was out of work --
That next sunday , I was teaching an adult sunday school class and on the podium was an envelope with money with a note saying -- for your needs ------- this continued week after week, one blessing upon another -- from various sources , from people who years ago we helped out and they "out of the blue" felt compelled to send us money back --
This continued for about 2 months when I wanted to be "certain" the Lord was still leading me on this faith walk -- I prayed that morning this prayer -- "Lord if U want me to continue this way, would U bring me 50 dollars from the last person on earth I would ever imagine giving me money - Now that 50 dollars was needed that very day for a bill I owed.
30 Seconds after that prayer , the front doorbell rang -- I went down the stairs and my sister was standing there -- this is 8:30 in the morning -- she had a puzzled look on her face and she said this -- " My husband last nite said , I want U to bring Bob this 50 dollars for his needs. " -- now my sister was not a church goer and her husband loved money - was not the type to give money away to anyone ever --my sister was in "shock" for her husband NEVER would do anything like this.
SO I GOT MY FLEECE answered and this "faith" walk continued for another month and the Lord then impressed upon me to look for work and that very day HE gave me a wonderful job.
So for 3 months, HE supplied every bill and need without once asking anyone for anything -- we had our needs supplied in the most amazing ways ---

Saturday, July 19, 2008

HOLINESS meets humanity

Luke 9:46 -- "Someone has touched ME , for I perceive that VIRTUE has gone out of ME"

There is not a sin so dark that HE can't forgive
There is not a situation so tangled that HE can't unweave
There is not a hole so deep that HE can't bring U out of
There is not a hiding place in this vast universe that HE can't find U

Can we "trust" (believe) GOD for a penny -- for a dime -- for a dollar - for 5000 dollars
Can we "trust" (believe) GOD for a "touch" of HIS hand for my cold sore - for my headache - for my cancer
Can we "trust" (believe) GOD for my situation - legal - home - marital - work - etc.

HE wants us to come to HIM for that kind of "faith" - HE encourages us to do so -- HE thru holy writ says of his disciples " Lord increase our faith " -- *** and this "faith" is NOT in ourselves to be able to do anything - but faith that LOOKS to HIM for ALL that we need.

Take heart Vicki for upcoming surgery - Take heart Julie (Sweet Inspirations)
Take heart Cole and family - Take heart to the Lauras
Take heart Ron Take heart LPP & LMG
Take heart Felisol Take heart David
Take heart Lil M Take heart Claire
Take heart Saija Take heart Terry
Take heart Claire Take heart Jel

Have a Great and Godly Day

Friday, July 18, 2008


This "Mystery" of CHRIST and HIS Church
We are "distinctly" different from the unsaved - we dress alike , eat the same foods, drive automobiles , work in the same buildings, have the same needs and wants BUT there is a "spiritual difference" in us.
The Spirit of Christ, The Holy Spirit indwells us -- we are cut from a different cloth now -- we have become "aliens" in this present world ---
One can sense it when we mention HIS NAME ---
Make no mistake , we are "strangers" here and we are on a journey to Another Place , so don't make a common mistake and "think" we can blend in --- "they" will spot us everytime and bring embarrassment if U try and act worldly --
Let your LIGHT so shine before men
Be ready to give an answer for the HOPE that is within U
Determine to live soberly, righteously not as the world lives --

press on pilgrims

THE BATTLE SORE ----------

Sun is setting , storm clouds are diminishing over the horizon .
Pilgrim warriors returning to their homes after toiling for bread all week, some faced physical "battles" , most faced "spiritual" battles, garments tattered, showing that the fight was fierce.
There will be "more battles" , it's written in THE BOOK.
We count our "numbers" no one was lost -- "the pilgrims" gather for a "Praise fest"
Lil M has carried the banner high " Our Lord Reigns "
Terry has called the "troops" she blows the trumpet loud , she is a seasoned warrior of the Cross
LPP and LMG , young in years but "strong" in faith have encouraged the troops.
Vicki has seen these "battles" before, she prays long and hard in her "private place"
Claire bends on holy knees , "onward" she cries , we will not lose one of ours in this battle fierce.
Donna has "supplied" us when we were "tired" , she is an "encourager"
Felisol brings the "fight" from far off places , always there when "we" need her.
Jel , quiet and prayerful - a strong ally and friend , "one" we can count on .
Laura too and Julie , Christian soldiers they, part of our "family of God"
Pilgrim David and others brave, praying for "us" for another day --
Many other pilgrim warriors, many other battles fought - fight on - the battle is ours --

Thankyou ALL for standing firm
In God's Great Name , we "stand" this day


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Closing up shop for the day - its been a good day.
My Employer left me some guidelines , chapter and verse
with much assurance of HIS best interest for me and in me.
HE told me , I could "reach" HIM anytime - day or nite.

I go to sleep "knowing" ALL will be okay , no matter what tomorrow brings.


to the pilgrim that is hurting tonight
take "heart"

will be praying for YOU

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sunday nite - ready to retire -- this thought for the "pals"
"Our GOD" is different than any god that is in the "mind" of man - HE is different than any religion of this world.
HE cannot be touched by the human hand looking to "idolize" no matter how devout the devotee is --
HE cannot be "bought" by pennance money as some of the great world religions have taught and their idolatrous priests like the pagan nations of long ago.
HE cannot be "reasoned" into existence in the mind of the seeker.

HE set in motion THE PLAN , THE WAY, that carnal, earthly, sinful, corrupt creatures such as us could be restored to a RIGHT STANDING and have fellowship with this very invisible GOD of creation.
FAITH in The Efficacy of HIS BLOOD
All of which "results" in us KNOWING the LIVING GOD as our SAVIOUR and our GOD -

False religions have false gods that have mixed "works" with faith, they have taken idols and called them saints, they touch, buy, put on mantles and pray to them , there is no salvation in any of this "stuff"

Our God is still "invisible" and this life we live is as Paul said "The life that we now live , we live by Faith in the Son of God -- nothing less, nothing more -

Take heart pilgrims



Exodus 23 talks of God's fatherly warning of not mingling with pagan nations, not taking their gods , idols and thereby losing the "blessing" of GOD --
HE says it will "snare" them and bring much sorrow in their lives -
Today on public tv , they showed Thailand , Bangkok and the people there. Buddhism and Hinduism and the idolatry of many of the people. One big "draw" was the "amulets" for good luck - or for prayers to be answered, they wore them, hung them , touched them , they were everywhere --
The sin of Achan was an example of the curse and penalty of being drawn to this world's treasures , this world's religions --
May we "NEVER" be drawn to or hide within our hearts the "gold" of this world.
Let our eyes be single to the Glory of God thru Christ and see Him as The Treasure to be Desired.
This would be well pleasing to GOD


Saturday, July 12, 2008


Think back -- remember "that" kind word a person spoke when U were "down"
remember how it "felt" when U thought they forgot your birthday , only to find "that" special gift was wrapped and waiting in the other room.
remember how good it was when mom tended U when U were sick with fever and she stayed by your side
remember how alive U felt , sitting by the creek, under a tree , with the smell of moist air and cut grass.
remember the "thrill" when U did your best and dad said , good job Bob
remember the "touch" of a baby's hand on the cheek of your face, so tender , so exploring , so real
remember how "sad" U felt when U failed your mate, or hurt your friend
remember how "TENDER" the LORD has been with your life -
to be praying faithfully for LPP and LMG's family , specially tomorrow
to be praying faithfully for Lil Missionary's job requests
to be praying for David the Pilgrim and his needs
to be praying for Terry , as she has had weakness in her legs -
to be praying for all the "pals" - Vicki's sister - Saija's hubby - Donna's prayer log -- the list is long , it is as long as the life HE gives us here to serve -------

WITH TENDERNESS HE sought us , found us , and saved us by HIS OWN BLOOD --

good nite my friends


9th chapter John's gospel - What a picture - A man "born" blind and we discover this man was "ear-marked" before his birth for the Glory of God.

I won't go into detail of this wonderful story of the religious order of the day confronting GRACE or of human nature to bend with the "tide" of man.
What is worth seeing here is at the end of this chapter, when the man born blind was "thrown out" of the synagogue, a devastating blow in one's social status.
This man blind at birth, touched by ONE he knew not, challenged by the Order of Self Righteous Ones, left to defend himself as his parent's were afraid to "stand" with him , now alone, seeing things which he did not know.
Now when JESUS heard they cast him out -- HE found him -- not enough that The CHRIST touched his eyes, this HEALER sought him , looked for him and in verse 35 says HE found him ---
Is this not true with us, pilgrims -- HE found us , HE sought us out , Is this not a SAVIOUR worth serving.
What tenderness,
We need that tenderness in our everyday lives so that HE may be seen.
I need that in my life -


Thursday, July 10, 2008


When Fire came along - the world warmed up to it
When the Wheel rolled in - the world revolved around it
When Polio vaccine was discovered - we made hero's of the scientist -
So it is with ANY of the world's accomplishments -- it's peoples are hero's - money, acclaim, platitudes are theirs.


God used humble, plain people. HE spoke only in time frames of many years apart - HE spoke to Moses in 40 year intervals . HE told the young unknown prophet , not to stop and receive platitudes or eat with residents of the town after he delivered the prophecy to the king of the future king Josiah -- no no no -- no worldly acclaim for HIS own --

GOD left us a legacy of faith in Heb 11 -- For HE says , we are not of this world, we are not citizens of this place but so-journers --- travelling and sharing HIS message and "looking" unto HIM --- we go "hand in hand" with Moses, Daniel , Paul , David, Onesiphorus , Luke , Samuel , Timothy .
Yes , we are "mighty" pulling down strongholds, and our victories are eternal but it won't make the evening news nor will we receive acclaim and like our GOD , we are in the shadows and the world has its own hero's .

Thankyou Lord , for letting us be pilgrims - may we be faithful.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Many cleaners or concentrates need to be diluted for proper use -- but not the Gospel --

"Paul" was careful NOT to water down the Gospel. Salvation simple and plain is of God ONLY. The "creature" has no boast in the redemption of himself. God planned, implemented, provided, prepared us to "receive" and Saved us by His Own Blood.
A few weeks ago , I had two "latter day saints" show up - (years ago I "discussed" with some of salvation ) well ! I says to them as I answered the door -- Mormons heh ! , yes sir we are ,they declared, and I guess that U would like to "discuss" religion of sorts , yes we would they said.
Instead of "pointing" out their doctrinal error, I paused, and simply and sincerely said " gentlemen, your in a "cult" that teaches unbiblical truths , it is leading U to destruction and U in turn are leading others to a Christless grave. They started to protest when I said this -- "Are U saved by Jesus Christ ONLY, His Blood and That is the Full Payment for your sins ." -- yes the both said, I then said , by faith in His work ALONE , a man is justified, they said yes.
I THEN said this to them ---- Can U be saved without mormonism, can u be saved without joseph smith's teachings ?? They both in unison , dropped their heads and said quietly , NO --
I said gentlemen -- U agreed that a man is saved and justified PERFECTLY THRU THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST ALONE and now U say U cannot be saved without mormonism .
They could hardly look at me --- I said to them , SEE ! What a cult your in , bondage and fear -- "your taught in your meetings to answer evangelicals with "pat" answers to doctrine but U know the bible declares that a man is justified by faith in the Blood of Christ ALONE and yet thru your attendance in a cultic society , U are in darkness and fear and have been taught that it is thru joseph smith and mormonism that U are saved --- they walked from my home with heads down and I said as they left -- with your own mouths U have declared the "error" of your ways and U now U go looking to "lead" others to a Christless salvation.
I padded my words with "tenderness" and expressed God's Love for them and told them clearly, that their gospel is that of joseph smith and NOT THAT OF CHRIST'S -- of this they could not deny ---- HOW GREAT IS THAT DARKNESS

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


There were times this past year that I "just drifted along" . Allowing the "world's" thoughts, mindset and direction "carry" me, so much easier that way. I remember watching science channel on "The Big Bang" why they have all the answers it seemed, so bright and positive in their declaration , even being able to "age" the earth and fossil remains to within 100 to 200 million years - !!
My associate this past year was an old "friend" Dr. Doubt-Alot, he accompanied me on some of my mental journeys. How do we know GOD IS , he says to me one evening. Why look ! , most of the world's renowned scientist don't mention God, its all cause and effect -- out there in space there is nothing , vacuum , space -- we have the earth as our classroom and we know that "little critters formed and today U have man and he lives and dies and life goes on -- period . Hmm, maybe your right I think -- after all , we don't see God stepping out of the atmosphere and making Himself known -- we have people in church, emotional people, many not grounded in religion , --alot of churchianity but little "CHRIST".
But then I remember -- I remember when I thru the witnessing of a humble baptist Christian, repented of my sinful life and asked God to forgive me and that I trusted HIS CHRIST as my Payment for my sin debt that I could not pay -- I believed by "faith" what this Bible said and I found Christ to be real INSTANTLY within my soul -- washed, made clean and alive . It was personal , the world could not "see" my Christ but I did within -- to my worldly friends, HE was still invisible, a vacuum, void , but to me , HE was "A Friend that sticketh closer than a brother".
My very worldly associate Dr. Doubt-Alot said he was leaving for the time being , as he didn't want to "hang" around with a person who didn't want to use common worldly intelligence -- for he says " THE FACT IS " there is no God -- u are your own god ---
This life we live , IS BY FAITH -- we are saved and kept by faith , but this faith is valid , for it regenerates, makes new the soul of man -- we been "BORN AGAIN" and every Christian born of the Spirit of God has an identical testimony ie: I repented, believed on the Name of the Son of God and was saved --- amazing this common denominator that scientist need to look for proof -- "We of every country , and tongue, we who found Christ have the same testimony ---

its only normal to be tested at times with doubts , but then we "remember" Ah ! The sweetness of HIS COMFORT , HIS PRESENCE ---

hang in there Christian pilgrim ----

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hold Fast

Off to work in a few minutes -
Trusting God to Keep us for we are not able to truly keep ourselves but we must be determined by His Help to look to Him to keep us --
no arm of flesh can do the supernatural --
Lord Bless U pilgrim pals -- may spiritual victories be yours today --- praying one for another -
Have a great and godly Monday ---

Sunday, July 6, 2008


My wife and I , like so many couples, began our families not knowing the future - we go thru the "motions" and do the best we can. The early years of our 4 children found their mom baking chocolate chip cookies most every nite and bible stories before bed. We shared our testimony of God's saving grace in our lives and bringing our children to an evangelical church for services and bible study till they were grown and moved on out of our home. We like all , have had our "ups and downs" in raising kids, we failed in many ways and did good in other ways --
We didn't read the latest "best seller" in KID RAISING but what we did do right, was "saturate" our family with love - God's Love, and my wife gets most of the credit for being "solid" and consistant even when I would "drift" from being the best example.
All this is to say this --- Our oldest daughter has 6 children, she along with her godly husband has raised their "kids" in the house of God, home schooled, and saturated them and their home with LOVE -- she is not perfect, she has had "ups and downs" but her life, her testimony, is SOLID. Always looking to be a blessing to someone , she is constantly making an effort to bring HONOR to God's Name by the way she lives -- her children , ages 3 to 17 are the most affectionate , well mannered "KIDS" -- so it's "neat stuff" this bible promise of "raise up a child in the way they should go" --
The acorn dosen't fall far from the tree :-)

Is this not also the testimony of LPP and Lil Montreal Girl ! - with the Homecoming of their dad recently - their home as we all know is one of Christian Love --
Terry's too and many others -- different instruments in the symphony of God's Orchestra -

Reflecting on GOD , HIS Ways and HIS LOVE this Sunday evening --


btw : Our other 3 children have also raised God honoring families as well -- thanks to their Mom and God's Grace -------------


First blog ever on the First day of the week and this "thought" should be the first thought of every day that we may "please" HIM ------- excerpt from George Mueller from "years gone by" ---
But there was an aroma about Mueller's Calvinism that was different from many stereotypes. For him the sovereign goodness of God served, first and foremost, the satisfaction of the soul. And then the satisfied soul was freed to sacrifice and live a life of simplicity and risk and self-denial and love. But everything flowed from the soul that is first satisfied in the gracious, sovereign God. Mueller is clearer on this than anyone I have ever read. He is unashamed to sound almost childishly simple:
According to my judgement the most important point to be attended to is this: above all things see to it that your souls are happy in the Lord. Other things may press upon you, the Lord's work may even have urgent claims upon your attention, but I deliberately repeat, it is of supreme and paramount importance that you should seek above all things to have your souls truly happy in God Himself! Day by day seek to make this the most important business of your life. This has been my firm and settled condition for the last five and thirty years. For the first four years after my conversion I knew not its vast importance, but now after much experience I specially commend this point to the notice of my younger brethren and sisters in Christ: the secret of all true effectual service is joy in God, having experimental acquaintance and fellowship with God Himself.67 ------
Granted, this is easier "said" than done - but it is "DO-ABLE" -- trusting that HE is ABLE to DO this and more in our lives -