Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This world is alot of fun, its full of lust, laughter, people always hi-fiving each other . If one let's his eyes linger just a bit longer at the opposite sex , the possibility of flirting is there . The gossip around the water cooler is always so inviting, one gets to hear "the latest". Am so glad for the new line-up of tv shows, alot of off-colour innuendos , not to mention all the "skin" they are showing. And what about E-Harmony, where would we be without E-Harmony, 29 ways of finding compatibility. There is so much in common with the candidates from E-Harmony, they all have the same story ! - Amazing -- Girlfriends and boyfriends , ex-divorce's , grass was greener stories -- but now thanks to E-Harmony , life is perfect.
The future is great with the world -- 401 K plans enable us to retire early , buy more toys, more trips, more golf -- more cookouts by the pool -- yes , this is what its all about -- ME , ME and ME. Now , I don't want U to think I am not about God , I am - I go to church and do feel bad for some unfortunates, I give to my chuch and I believe God is understanding and will let me in heaven because Jesus did die for me -----plus , I am in no way as bad as some people. I am not "narrow minded" like some radical types -- God is not that narrow minded as some of "those" people would like U to think .
So All in All -------- I am happy and glad to be part of this big picture ------------

OK --------- quiz time ----



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sun is Setting -- What is left behind --

Sun is setting on yet another day -
Driving up to our daughter's house, we passed a crumbling down old country cottage.
A home at one time to perhaps a family, a family that may be "long gone".
Ghostly footprints along the main walk, happy memories, sad memories , nothing remains now , nothing left behind --------

This is so true with "life" - The only thing left behind for the Washed in the Blood , Saved thru Faith in the Finished Work of Christ Christian are the "things" done in Christ's Name and for The Kingdom of God -

A "helping" hand in Christ's name, influencing a lost soul towards The Christ of Calvary -
Letting "someone" know , your praying for them as they struggle -

"We" all have been inspired by someone the Lord had "placed" along our path -

Continue my "friends", to be That Someone that God can use so there is something "left behind" to glorify God --
"Let your light so shine before men that they will "SEE GOD" --

remember to pray for Shelby, Colby and Taylor - Donna and family - Terry and Bernie and Betty and Mom Golden and the Van -- Lpp and Lmg and family -Claire's "R" - Felisol's Serina and Gunnar - remember just not lip sinc but to "believe" and plead for these people -- for David the pilgrim -- Amrita's body and church project - for Red head Robin and her desire to be used of God -- for Vicki to not worry for Shelby --
Bless these people Lord , we pray in Jesus Matchless Name ---


Thursday, August 7, 2008


Without vision - people perish - get discouraged, feel alone --
We need to see God - the God of the Bible -- the ONE that Isaiah said :
THE ONE Who is High and Lifted Up
THE ONE Who told Joshua, I AM the Captain of The Host of The Lord (Joshua 5:13-15)
THE ONE Who told Gideon to thin out his army to 300 so that the Glory would go to GOD
THE ONE Who sends his Angel to destroy pagan armies that oppose HIS people -
THE ONE Who lets Ezekiel see HIS cherubims - the majesty of what goes on 24/7 in HIS PRESENCE --
THE ONE Who sent HIS Angel to tell paul that his ship would go down but they will be saved.

OUR GOD is an AWESOME GOD -- we need to "see" with the eye of "faith" and take a stand , tell the devil what a liar he is and a loser to boot -- and Be Strong in THE LORD
We need to "see" GOD , our GOD , the GOD of the Bible as ALWAYS ALL SUFFICIENT in ALL THINGS , IN ALL WAYS and AT ALL TIMES

Blessings to All the pals --
remember to pray for all our friends and needs --